Projects must be individual dwellings designed primarily for residential occupation.

Entry is open to Australian-based and international design professionals as long as the project is located within Australia. Entries are encouraged from practices of all scales, specializations and locations.

Open to projects completed between 1 January 2023 and 29 February 2024. Projects may be entered in more than one category, where appropriate, with a separate submission and entry fee (except for three optional categories – Sustainability, House in a Heritage Context and Emerging Architecture Practice – which are free to enter). For the Garden or Landscape category, project completion is considered to be when the plantings are sufficiently mature for the design intent to be apparent.

Publicity and copyright

By entering this program, the applicant confirms that they have obtained their client’s written approval to enter and for any resultant publicity, including for projects cited in the CVs of entrants into the Emerging Architecture Practice category. The client’s name and the project address will not be published.  Specific information about project budgets is not released for publication unless approved by the applicant.

By entering, the applicant (if they are not the practice principal) confirms that they have obtained the authority of the principal to enter the program, including for any resultant publicity.

The organizer does not make any claims on copyright or intellectual property of the designs entered other than the rights outlined in the following paragraph. By entering this program, the applicant agrees to absolve the organizer from any liability relating to confidentiality or intellectual property issues that may be raised by any party.

The organizer reserves the right to exhibit or publish any or all of the entries. By entering the awards the applicant/owner gives permission to the organizer to publish, exhibit and promote the content of the submission (except for the client’s name, project address and, unless approved by the applicant, project budgets), including by sponsors of the awards, where their use of submission content is specifically related to their promotion of their involvement in the awards. In all promotion, the organizer will endeavour to promote the name of the design firm/s and, where the organizer is made aware of their names and to the extent that the organizer can exert editorial control, photographers will be acknowledged. All finalists must be prepared to submit further material for exhibition and publication if required, such as additional photography, drawings and other information. The applicant acknowledges that the organizer has the right to reproduce materials in whole or part without payment of release or licensing fees to the holder of publication rights or copyright.


An entry shall be excluded from the program:

  • if received after the advertised closing date (although submissions that have been commenced but not completed by the closing date, may be included at the discretion of the organizer)
  • if it does not fulfil these conditions
  • if it is incomplete or doesn’t conform to the correct format

The organizer is committed to providing a quality awards program to the Australian architecture and design community and makes every attempt to ensure accuracy, currency and reliability of the information included on this website and elsewhere. However, changes in content and process may become necessary at the absolute discretion of the organizer. The organizer accepts no liability for any use of the said content or reliance placed upon it.