Kieran Wong

Portrait of Kieran Wong

Co-founder, The Fulcrum Agency


Kieran Wong is a co-founder and partner at The Fulcrum Agency, a creative consultancy that leverages community and social outcomes through evidenced-based design strategy, advocacy and research.

The consultancy’s platform evolved following Kieran’s two decades as director of CODA, a multi-award winning Australian design practice that delivers a wide range of portfolios. The Fulcrum Agency builds on this experience, positioning design thinking and community co-production at the fore of all decision making. Kieran’s career is grounded in the challenge of bringing equity, social justice and inclusion to built-environment projects across Australia.

Kieran is an adjunct senior research fellow at Monash University; industry partner for the University of Sydney’s Health Habitat Incubator; partner investigator on the ARC project Staying on Country: Infrastructure Needs for Remote Community Viability; project advisor for the University of Queensland’s Pilot Research project into the Northern Territory’s Room to Breathe Housing Program; and board chairperson at Shelter WA, the peak body for housing and homelessness in Western Australia.