Simone Bliss

Portrait of Simone Bliss

Creative Director, SBLA Studio

Garden or Landscape Advisor

Simone Bliss is an award-winning landscape architect who lives in Launceston, Tasmania – with offices in both Launceston and Melbourne. Her innovation, playfulness and creativity are highly valued within the design and environmental industries.

Simone aims to connect people with landscape, inspiring respect for Country through caring for the natural land and waterways we inhabit. She derives joy from collaborating with and learning from traditional custodians, and is a strong advocate for equality through design.

Simone has eighteen years’ experience working on a broad range of projects, from designing grasslands and bee corridors on rooftops to regenerating post-agricultural landscapes.

Simone is a member of the City of Melbourne’s Design Review Panel and the Urban Design Advisory Panel for the University of Melbourne.